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12 Jul 2015 00:18

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Have some feedback and input to share? Don't be shy and drop us a note. We want to hear from you and strive to make our site better and more user friendly for our forum members and guests alike.
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This forum is dedicated to business related matters, dealing with everything from business start-up, to company incorporation, buying and selling businesses and any legally related business problems.
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This forum deals exclusively with buying and selling land, houses, condominiums, commercial real estate and other real property for locals, foreigners and expatriates living and working in the Philippines.
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This forum deals exclusively with criminal prosecutions for criminal offenses, such as theft, fraud, assault, rape, murder and other matters for which you can go to jail, or be punished by the criminal justice system.
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Child Custody No topics

This forum is all about issues related to child custody and access. It isn't just about fights between the parents of children, but about who else might have access to or custody of a child, including other relatives.
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Child Support No topics

This forum deals with issues related to child support, which is where a parent has abandoned the child to the custody of the other parent or somebody else, and refuses to provide sufficient financial support.
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Divorce No topics

Divorce is not possible for most of the population of the Philippines. However, divorce is available to the Muslim population in the south of the country. This forum is focused on Islamic divorce in the Philippines.
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Many Pinoy couples wish to end their their marriages with an annulment. This forum is a place to ask questions and share your knowledge with our community, about marriage annulment in the Philippines.
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This forum deals with taxation related matters including personal income tax, company tax, value added tax (VAT), taxation of overseas foreign workers (OFW's) and foreigners living in the Philippines.
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This forum deals exclusively with traffic accidents involving cars, bikes, motorcycles, buses, trucks, pedestrians and all other road users. Topics of insurance claims and civil actions are open for discussion.
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Wills & Estates No topics

This forum deals with wills and estates, including disputes over property, shares, cash and other possessions after somebody has passed away. The forum also deals with making a valid will before someone dies.
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